Hand MangalSutra Bracelets by ETI - House of Silver

Hand MangalSutra Bracelets by ETI - House of Silver


When it comes to showcasing your love and commitment, a Mangal Sutra Bracelet is a beautiful and symbolic choice. ETI - House of Silver offers a stunning range of 3-Hand Mangal Sutra Bracelets that combine tradition and contemporary design. Let's explore three of their exquisite options:

Solitaire MangalSutra Bracelet (Price: ₹3,500)

The Solitaire MangalSutra Bracelet is a true gem, featuring a simple yet elegant design. Crafted in sterling silver 925 with a lustrous gold polish, this bracelet exudes timeless charm. The solitary black bead represents the auspicious union of marriage, making it an ideal choice for brides who appreciate subtlety and sophistication.

Yours Photo Bracelet (Price: ₹3,200)

The Yours Photo Bracelet is a personalized masterpiece that captures the essence of a loving relationship. This hand photo MangalSutra is designed for couples who want to carry their partner's image close to their heart. Crafted in sterling silver 925 with white diamonds and gold polish, it's a unique and heart-warming way to keep your loved one always by your side.

Evil Eye Beaded MangalSutra (Price: ₹5,500)

For those who love symbolism with a touch of mystique, the Evil Eye Beaded Mangal Sutra Bracelet is a stunning choice. Its beautiful Evil Eye design is believed to ward off negative energy, while the combination of diamond accents and golden color in sterling silver 925 offers an elegant and protective talisman.

ETI - House of Silver's Hand Mangal Sutra Bracelets are not just jewelry; they are symbols of love, commitment, and protection. Whether you prefer a classic look, a personalized touch, or a hint of mysticism, these bracelets have something for everyone. Invest in one of these pieces and celebrate your unique love story with style and grace.

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