Diwali Jewellery Picks from ETI - House of Silver

Diwali Jewellery Picks from ETI - House of Silver

 Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time when we all love to dazzle and shine. It's a special occasion for family gatherings, festive feasts, and, of course, a little bit of glamour. When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your Diwali ensemble, nothing beats the timeless allure of silver jewelry. ETI - House of Silver presents a stunning collection of Diwali jewelry that will leave you spoilt for choice. Let's take a closer look at the top five picks to make your Diwali celebrations even more special.


Aradhya Diamond Bangles - Price: ₹18,800

The Aradhya Diamond Bangles are a true showstopper. Priced at ₹18,800, they feature a beautiful gold polish with white stone embellishments. Crafted in sterling silver 925, these bangles exude the allure of a cherished wedding gift. Whether you're the bride or a guest at a wedding, these bangles will add a touch of sophistication to your Diwali look.



Vanki Ring - Price: ₹4,500

The Vanki Ring, priced at ₹4,500, boasts a stunning V-shaped design in gold polish. This ring is perfect for party wear, radiating simplicity and beauty. Made from sterling silver 925, it's a versatile piece that can be worn on multiple occasions. The Vanki Ring is a statement of elegance that won't break the bank.



 Diamond Pear Mangal sutra Set - Price: ₹8,500

The Diamond Pear Mangal sutra Set, priced at ₹8,500, features a beautiful and simple design with a gold polish. This set is ideal for bridal wear and comes at an affordable price. Crafted in sterling silver 925, it's a symbol of tradition and modernity. It's a timeless piece that will make you stand out on Diwali.



Gita's Gold Beaded Necklace - Price: ₹28,500

Gita's Gold Beaded Necklace, priced at ₹28,500, is a masterpiece adorned with stunning rubies and emeralds. The combination of ruby gemstones and gold polish makes it the perfect accessory for a bridal ensemble. This necklace, crafted in sterling silver 925, is a statement piece that will add a touch of royalty to your Diwali outfit.



Your's Photo Bracelet - Price: ₹3,200

Make a unique statement with the Your's Photo Bracelet, priced at ₹3,200. This custom-designed photo bracelet features white diamonds and silver polish. Whether it's a cherished picture of your best friend or a memorable moment, this piece in sterling silver 925 will keep your memories close to your heart. It's a personal and meaningful gift option for Diwali.

In conclusion, ETI - House of Silver offers an impressive collection of Diwali jewelry that caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer the grandeur of diamond-studded bangles or the simplicity of a custom photo bracelet, there's something for everyone. This Diwali, elevate your style with these exquisite pieces and let your jewelry reflect the true spirit of the festival – a celebration of light, love, and togetherness. Make your Diwali memorable with these dazzling pieces from ETI - House of Silver.

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